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I started Learnmojo as a way for to share all that I know about how to score that dream grade for History and Social Studies. A great Combined Humanities grade can make the difference between entering your dream JC or polytechnic course (and eventually get your dream job), versus settling for a second, third, or worst, last choice.

I wish that years ago when I was a student, I knew what I now know about how to get the grades I wanted and yet have time for other important things in life–like family, friends, movies, sports, etc. Because, really, who wants to be a mugger all the time? More importantly, who wants to fail all the way through school? Even so-called slackers want to do well, even if they deny it. I have taught enough students (thousands!) to know that the slacker front is just that–a way to cope with the disappointment of trying repeatedly and failing.

Now, you have the chance to learn how to do it right, and do it well.

Let’s start off with my free Structured Essay Question guide. In it, you will learn:

1. The ONE strategy needed to up your grades History and/or Social Studies, even if your English is weak, and even if you suck at Source-based Questions.

2. How to write an essay that gets full marks, or almost (don’t doubt it, it’s totally doable!)

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Karen Goh.